Thursday, July 4, 2013

Edisto Beach/Spring Break--Part 2

I'm really slacking. I can't believe I'm stuck back in March and we are kicking off July now. Oh well...better late than never.

Adam did some fancy dancing to Papa's new radio in the kitchen of El Capitiano. The girls squealed with delight.
Corah enjoyed exploring the beds in Grandma's room.  She loved trying to scale the mountain of pillows.  When she got tired, she simple relaxed and rested in the safe haven of pillows.

The view from the house was amazing.  The cold, windy weather didn't stop us from enjoying the scenery.
We could never tell who enjoyed the widows more--Grandma or Corah.  They spent hours looking at birds and boats.
I can't wait to edit this picture one day when things "slow" down.  Corah loved Grandma's necklace. 
Adam doesn't nap, especially when there is noise to keep him awake.  So, when I catch him like this, I take a picture to prove that his body will let him nap at the beach.
I love this picture of Grandma enjoying the view.
Corah and Kenly both enjoyed playing on the screened porch.  When the evening sun poured in the light was beautiful.
Pure golden favorite type of light.  We learned that Corah would drink water from Papa's cup. 

These two refuse to snuggle together for a picture.  Adam took at least 20 pictures of the girls in this wonderful light and this was the best one of the bunch.
Snuggles with Papa on the porch.
The sunsets were amazing.  We loved watching God put on a show every night.
Corah was a little less freaked out by the beach this year.  She loved the sand and she really wanted to try out the water.  It was a bit too cold to let her this year.

Kenly built this lovely sandcastle and covered it with shells.
I love this picture....Adam did so great.
We did a lot of running on the beach.  We were trying to outrun sharks and various other creatures.

Kenly did a bit of flying.
I love these girls...immensely.

Carrie tried to teach Grandma how to play Solitaire.   Travis kept calling them Team Solitaire.  I found this hilarious.  My brother is amazingly witty.

Saturday, June 8, 2013

Edisto Beach/Spring Break--Part 1

We love Edisto Island, SC.  I would spend every spring break for the rest of my life walking slowly along the shore searching for fossilized sharks teeth.  I love the slow pace and the peace and quiet.  Last year we rented Sea for Ava.  Renting a house was new to us, but the thought of sharing a pop up with two small children for a week seemed a bit daunting.  Call me chicken.  Go ahead.  I'll wear that title proudly.  This year we rented a house on the sound called El Capitano.  The porch was heavenly.  The yard divine.  The beach was a constant source of entertainment.  Nana, Papa, and Grandma came with us for the entire week.  Travis and Carrie joined us for the last part of the week.

Corah loved looking out the window.  If she wasn't outside, she wanted to be looking outside. 
Grandma was a good sport, and she let Kenly give her a manicure.  Since I don't trust her with real nail polish yet, she had to be okay with using markers.
The finished product--RAINBOW NAILS.
Nana and Papa gave Kenly a book that included several Fancy Nancy stories.  Since the weather was cold in the beginning of the week, Kenly had no problem snuggling up with Nana and reading it cover to cover.

Then she challenged her Daddy to a quick game of cards. 
And a little later, she got Daddy to read her a few Fancy Nancy stories.
We were able to watch the sunset every night while we were there.  If it was too cold to be outside enjoying it, this was out view from the dining room table.  Not bad.  Not bad at all.
Kenly wanted a closer view, so she snuggled up with Daddy on the screened porch.

I'm not sure who was happier in this picture.

Thursday, May 30, 2013

The Easter Egg Hunt of the Century

I just need to say from the start that Kristen Freeman throws an amazing party. She makes it look easy when I know she works her tush off for days to spread such cheer.  We were invited to the Easter party at the Freeman house this year.  Last year we were out of town, so we missed the magic.  This year we got lucky.

When we arrived, the Easter Bunny was hopping around handing out prizes. 
Kenly was so excited that I needed to remind her every ten minutes to give the bunny some space.
All the kids gathered around to hear the story of Christ's crucifixion and resurrection.  Every child wanted to help with the Resurrection Eggs.  They were hanging on every word.  I was happy to see the story of God's amazing love told.   
Everyone lined up for a group picture of sorts and then it was off to the races.  There were eggs as far as the eye could see. 

See what I mean?  Kenly's basket was full.  She worked hard to find eggs, but she's not a speed demon.  Every kid felt like a winner.
Then the real fun began.  Kristen instructed us all to sit and open the eggs.  Inside every egg was candy or a slip of paper with a prize written on it.

When the dust settled, every child was able to visit the prize table.  Kristen's prize table made the set up at Chuck E. Cheese look bad.

When Kenly walked away from the prize table her basket was overflowing with goodies.  Kites, pencils, bubbles, lip gloss, cups.  Let's just say that the Easter Bunny didn't need to come to our house.
But the fun didn't end there.  The children were able to hold real chicks. 
Kenly was able to snuggle a real bunny.  I don't know if I should thank Kristen or not.  Kenly is smitten.  I see a bunny in our future.  Kenly loves bunnies.  Her comfort object is a bunny...all "velveteen" in nature from years of love.
Lip gloss is cool.
Really cool.

I think she's plotting how to take the bunny home with her in this picture.
Kenly and Emory were in the same dance class last year.  Kenly really enjoyed seeing her friend again.
Kenly got behind the camera for this shot.  We had a wonderful Mommy-Daughter date.
And the icing on the cake was, well, CAKE!

We had a wonderful time celebrating with our friends.  Kenly loved every minute of the party.  She still talk about the fun we had.